From 80 degrees on Christmas Eve to a cool 60 degrees in June, we’ve experienced our fair share of temperature ups and downs this year. However, I am happy to report that the warmer temps are finally here to stay. *fingers crossed* 

When the weather warms up, we update our hair (braids anyone) and our skin care routines (heeeeeey SPF) so, why should our makeup wardrobes be any different? 

Here’s a quick list of the beauty goodies I’m loving for sunshine and high temps. As always, the theme is super simple because, let's face it, less is ALWAYS more ;) 

Sun Protection

Super Goop
SPF 50, no flash back and lightweight consistency. Yes please! I wear this everyday with or without makeup. P.S. we should be wearing SPF everyday no matter the season but, if you're one of the many peeps that skip this step, summertime is a great time to start! 


Whenever I wear a complexion product, it’s usually one of these beauties. Both are lightweight and super easy to apply. No brushes or sponges required. 

Going for the Glow? 

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint
This beauty is definitely my idea of a good time. It’s super lightweight consistency is perfect for the girl that wants a luminous glow with minimal coverage. I squeeze a bit in my palm and rub it onto my face like a moisturizer. So. GOOD.

Having a matte moment?

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint
This baby packs a bit more of a punch than my Glossier tint. It’s like your favorite tinted moisturizer and your favorite medium coverage foundation had a sweet little baby. It’s unfoundation. (not a word but, you get it!) 

Coverage? Yes. Cake? No. It has SPF 30 and optical diffusers so you’re basically wearing a filter. Yup... a #Filter. 


Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm

I’ve been using (and LOVING) this Dior lip balm for a few weeks now and I’m hooked. The formula is hydrating and creamy but not sticky. And, it leaves the most gorgeous wash of color on the lips. I alternate between the coral and the pink shades but honestly, I love them both! 

Although I toss other products into the rotation here and there, these 4 are my go-to girls! What are you guys using for the warmer months? Ever tried any of these? Chime in below! 

Hello Sunshine!

I laid one of my favorite pairs of Bonlook glasses to rest last week. They were the first pair I purchased and after 3 long years of service, they called it quits. So, what do you do when you lose a pair of specs? Hop on your computer and purchase another pair right? Right!

Honestly, I’ve been ‘window shopping’ for new specs for a while and was looking for any excuse to grab a new pair. I considered my loss last week the universes way of telling me it was time to move forward with a new glasses purchase. 

Before we talk about my new specs, lets talk a bit about Bonlook. Are you looking for a fabulous pair of glasses that are both fun and functional? Something that let’s you show your personality AND helps you see the things that need seeing? Bonlook is the answer. Get a fabulous pair of frames and prescription lenses for $99 (sometimes less if you can catch a sale. Think: 30% off cat eye frames) I like to consider Bonlook Warby Parker’s younger, cooler sister. 

Now, back to my new favorite frames :) I first fell for the tortoise design. It’s pretty extra but stillsophisticated enough to not look like they’re part of a costume. And I love, Love, LOVE the shape! I have a very round noggin, full of BIG ideas of course, so shopping for frames that ‘get me’ is often a challenge. This shape is perfect because it’s large enough to not look like I have on someone else’s tiny glasses. And the cat eye is kinda funky. Long story short, I’m in love!! If you’re interested, my new pair is the ‘Jack and Norma Snappy.'

Run, don’t walk, on over to Bonlook and see what they have for you ;) 

Seeing is Believing ;)

Hey guys!!! How's it going out there in internet land? Lot's has changed here so I figured I'd break it on down in a post. I've been writing about beauty in this space for over 4 years and it's been grand. And although I'm a beauty gal through and through, things have changed. I needed space to talk about more than just beauty. I want to talk about life, mommy hood and of course my new favorite mascara :) Transitioning That Beauty Blog into Danielle Lewis Daily allows me to do just that. I'm looking forward to sharing here and I hope you'll pop back from time to time and join the conversation. 

I also launched a new inspired lifestyle platform called Coffee Shops and Laptops that I'm super excited about! Head there to read stories of movers and shakers making things happen in unconventional ways! CSLT is a project that allows me to get inspired by freelancers, entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers and then pass that inspiration on to all of you! Check it out here

I'll see you around these internet streets soon ;) 

All the Best, 


Heeeeey Danielle Lewis Daily!

This is a PSA for you, me and every one else apologizing for things that don't require apologies. Save your SORRY!  Stop apologizing for showing up as yourself. Stop explaining why you don't have on makeup. Just stop it!

I do it, you do it, we do it and we NEED to stop! Showing up bare faced to lunch, brunch or on Snapchat does not require an explanation. Your face is fine. It's a good face :)  

These days, perfection is all the rage. The perfect angle. The perfect filter. And that's fine as long as we realize that perfection is not an everyday requirement. Some days we'll wear every stitch of makeup in our collection. Other days, we'll wipe our faces, add lotion and keep it moving. And that's just fine. Show up as yourself with no apologies and no explanations. 

PLEASE NOTE: I own waaaaay to much makeup to be anti-beauty. That's not what this is about. Our right to wear tons of makeup or none at all is not up for debate. This post is for me and any one else who feels the need to explain why they've decided to show up in their natural, bare faced glory. It's a habit we need to break. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Special shout out to Lena Dunham whose piece about Apology Addiction inspired me to write about why we (me & you) should drop the 'sorries' and the explanations too. Check it out here. 



I'm a mom.
A mom who has a daughter with beautiful, thick natural hair.
A mom who, often times, runs out of ways to style and maintain that gorgeous mane of curls.
Enter Tressenoire.

Never heard of this awesome online booking system for naturalistas!? Keep reading to check out what you've been missing and why you should be booking these beauties for your natural hair needs!

The Tressenoire Experience

Hey Guys, how about we pretend that it hasn't been FOREVER since we last had a little beauty chat? Does that work for you? Yes? Great!!

Things have been crazy since my last post! I've been working, shooting, plotting and planning! I launched a new inspired lifestyle platform called Coffee Shops and Laptops and I'd love if you lovelies would check it out when you can. It was inspired by everything that I've experience building a beauty business. The focus is to start a real life conversation about freelance life and to inspire us all to keep on keeping on!

I worked on a new show on TLC called Love At First Swipe hosted by Clinton Kelly and my client Devyn Simone and I've been shooting beauty and building my book. Figured I'd pop in and share a few behind the scenes pics to show you all what I've been up to in my absence.  Take a peek and stay in touch! I'll be back soon with more ;)

 Talk soon :)


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