Spritzing on the Go!

Fragrance is a really BIG deal for me. I think we should all have a signature scent (or 3). I'm willing to guess that I'm not the only one who lugs their favorite scent (and the huge bottle that holds it) around just in case they need to freshen up. If you're with me, read on to check out an awesome little do-dad that'll make it a lot easier for you to spritz on the go!


Back 2 MAC: A Peek Inside My New MAC Travel Case

It is absolutely, positively NO fun carrying a heavy makeup kit up the stairs to the train. Like, really zero fun! I promise.

Before moving to New York, I never realized how heavy my Zuca bag really was. Whenever I traveled to jobs, I would throw it in the back of my car and go. Since moving to the city, and using my legs waaaaaay more often, I've noticed that, although I love her dearly, my Zuca weighs a ton (it literally feels that way)

So, in an effort to work smarter and not harder, I grabbed the new MAC travel case to try it out. 

Keep reading to check out pics of my new travel case and to see how it measures up.


Give Your Dark Spots the Boot with Murad!

Murad.com, $60
I was visiting my husband at work when he noticed that I had a dark mark on my nose. He attempted to wipe it off (thanks bae) but it wouldn't budge. He did everything short of the mom's spit on the thumb move (yuck) but it continued to stare right back at him.

Turned out a dark spot was taking up prime real estate right there on the side of my nose. A little bit of hyper pigmentation was trying to ruin my day! I marched right into Sephora and asked for a little help. I'd been hearing great things about the Murad skincare line, so I decided to give the Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum a go! I grabbed a sample and ran home to pop it on.

In true beauty blogger fashion, I planned to take a 'before' image so that I could mark my progress and share it with you guys. Unfortunately, the only thing I had the strength to do that day was wash my face, apply the serum and collapse in bed.

Cut to day two. Again the plan was to take a picture and track my progress and again, I applied the serum and fell asleep.

Day 3 was my day! I was going to get a picture of this blemish if it was the last thing I did! But, the thing was…the blemish was gone! Yes…GONE! All the way gone!

I applied this product directly on the dark spot for 2 days and it vanished. And has not returned. Rapid is right!

It's AMAZING. Grab it today! The. End.


I'm Getting Misty...Your Guide to Facial Sprays!

Makeup can be pretty confusing. Tons of brands offer tons of products and sometimes it's difficult to know what they all do. I'll admit I'm guilty of buying things just to 'have them.' There I am standing in Sephora taking it all in. A product speaks to me and boom! We're headed home together! 

This is especially true when it comes to facial mists. I'm sort of {ok really} obsessed with them. There's something about spritzing a fine mist of skin goodies all over your face that's really indulgent & spa like. 

But, I've noticed that people don't really know the proper way to use them or what they're really for so... It's my duty to shed light on this facial mist situation. 

Keep reading to check out my picks for the best facial mists to hydrate, set your makeup & and feel all around fabulous! 


{Loverly & That Beauty Blog} First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

As a makeup artist, I get the opportunity to work with lots of brides on the biggest day of their life!! I get to see THE DRESS before the guests and I get to design a bridal beauty look to pull it all together.

When Loverly sent me these gorgeous wedding dresses, two things happened. 1) I fell in love with all of them and 2) I asked my husband for another wedding!

Read on to check out the beauty looks I designed for each dress and get beauty inspiration for your BIG day whether it's on the horizon or in the very distant future.

{Take A Chance Tuesday} Meet Elena George

Sometimes taking a chance is the difference between just living and living the life of your dreams! My new Take A Chance Tuesday series is inspired by all the people who inspire me. The people I see taking chances and making things happen. The people I see living the lives they've imagined.

The Glam Squad: Elena on makeup and Petula Skeet on hair

There are stories that haven't been told; experiences that haven't been shared. My plan is to introduce you to the people who've taken chances and made it happen in an effort to encourage you (and me) to do the same!!

Meet Elena George! Her story will blow you away! Her career in beauty spans over 20 years and she's painted everyone from Salt N'Pepa to Obama! 7 Emmy's and loads of experience later, she sat down with me to talk about it all. Keep reading to be inspired!


{Get The Look} Red lip and Flawless Skin!

Get The Look

One of my favorite looks to wear is a classic red lip. I love that it's both glamorous and simple. For the Chic Studios meet and greet event, I decided to wear my go-to red lip combo. Keep reading to check out all of the goodies that went into bringing this look to life!

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