Eau de Parfum vs. Eau de Toilette!? What's the Difference?

So, am I the only person who didn't know my Eau de Parfums from my Eau de Toilettes? No? Well great! Read on to see what it all means and why it even matters...


Whats Your Summer Smell Like?

Fragrance matters. I'll go on record and say that EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE,  should have a signature scent! One that, upon first sniff, will instantly transport those that know you back to your last meeting. And, if I may make things a bit more difficult, your signature scent should be one that smells like the season. Summertime calls for scents that are lighter, sweeter and more carefree than the more serious, sexy scents of Fall. Yes, there are fragrance rules :) 

Read on to check out some of my favorite scents that are just screaming to be spritzed all summer long…


Movin' On Up

Courtesy of AboutTourism.wordpress.com

So, earlier this month my husband and I packed up the littlest Lew, our puppy Smooch and everything we owned and moved to New York!

We stuffed our little Uhaul with the things we’ve acquired during our lives together and hit the road. A couple hundred miles and a couple hundred dollars later (thanks tolls) and we were home. So what now?!

We unpacked for 2 whole days then hit the road to the beach with my mom and family friends. Then, from the beach to Baltimore so hubby could finish out his last week of grad school.  Now, sitting at Starbucks and typing away, I’m really realizing the gravity of what we just did. We left home. Like, the only home we’ve known home. The place we know. The place we’re comfortable with. We just up and left. And I couldn’t be happier!!!



Sometimes in life, you have to just jump! Seize the day! Carpe Diem.

Photo courtesy of theghentchronicles.blogspot.com

One of those major moments hit my family this year. My husband was offered a position in New York and we decided to just…. JUMP!! 

I love New York and I go as often as I can for work & pleasure. When we were presented with the opportunity to make the Big Apple our home, we decided to take a leap of faith and accept the challenge of moving our family to another state. 

Soooo…now what!?!

We have so much to do before our move in July. Top of the list is finding a place in New York. If any of you guys reading have ever moved to or lived in NY, you know how much energy this takes. Finding somewhere with enough space, in a decent area, close to work, blah, blah, blah. It's definitely been interesting :)

Right now, we're tying up loose ends in Baltimore and preparing for our new journey.
I can't wait for this new chapter for us. Antoine is super excited to be starting his new position and I'm over the moon about relocating to the city I love!

The littlest Lew is pretty excited too! You can't even say the word 'New' without her launching into a full-on speech about moving to New York ;)

Not sure what New York has in store for us but we are ready and excited to take a bite out of the BIG apple!


Pass the Pastels!!

Courtesy of Lottashome.com

Spring has Sprung! (I think...)

One of the best things about Spring beauty is light, bright pastels! I love a soft pink or a pretty purple so I've decided to share some of my fav Springtime pastels with you! Keep reading to check out my picks for soft washes of color on nails, lips and cheeks.


Deserted Island Beauty

Although I find most beauty products easy to love, there are a few things that I pretty much can't (or really just don't want to) live without. Whenever I buy beauty goodies, I have every intention of working them into my daily routine but honestly, I only use a fraction of the things I own.

Photo Courtesy of PathfinderInternational.net

Sitting home in the midst of an ugly snow storm, I couldn't help but think of being somewhere (anywhere) warmer. While on my mental island escape, I started thinking about what I would take with me in case I got stranded in an island paradise. If I were stranded on a deserted island, these products would have me looking flawless in a flash (although I doubt anyone would notice.)

Read on to check out the beauty goodies I hope to get stranded with and why. 


The 2013 Beauty Gal's Christmas Wish List!!

'Tis the season to give the gift of beauty! During the holidays, its sometimes difficult to find your love ones the gifts they really want, so... allow me to help you out. If you have a beauty gal (or 2) in your life, grab her something from this list. I'm sure she'll be pleased to receive any of the beauty buys that I've hand picked this holiday season.


Keep reading to check out my favorite beauty buys.

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